Map Edition: Unisex T-Shirt

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This item is unisex sizing.
Women's sizing: size down OR for a looser fit, select your regular size.
Girl model is wearing a size S and male model is wearing a size M. 
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Ships in 10-14 business days Custom apparel
Machine Washable Pre-shrunk, tumble dry
A "Canadian" Community
True. North. Strong. Free.
Be Canadian. Be You.

    We’re known to:
  1. Say sorry too much.
  2. Choose winter coats over beach towels.
  3. Order large double doubles on the way to the arena.
  4. Finish 80% of our sentences with “EH.”

  5. But most importantly, we are a country that strives for equality, freedom and unity. It’s not always great to brag, but it’s okay to brag about your country. #canada